Five Shades of Nude

No matter the trend of the year, the wave of new styles, or current season, one thing that remains consistent for me is a nude lip. I am a true neutral lipstick kind of girl, it’s always my preference no matter the outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice red lip with a black dress or a coral with tanned skin, but a staple for me is a nude lipstick.

I am huge fan of MAC Cosmetics lipsticks. Whether it’s matte or satin, MAC’s formula is one of my favorites. They have a range of neutral colors that all differ from one another. My top shades range from pink toned nudes to mauve nudes. Trust me when I say not one shade of nudes from MAC are alike, they all have a different shade, tone, and texture. So ladies, don’t feel guilty buying more than one nude lipstick!

My favorite nude series from MAC (pictured from left to right):

  1. BLANKETY – A soft pink beige. Blankety is my favorite light nude. Considering my complexion is olive and my skin is usually slightly tanned, this lipstick generally looks like a whiter nude on me. I love mixing this color with others to lighten up a lipstick should I need to.
  2. CREMESHEEN MODESTY – My favorite everyday lipstick. The tone of this shade is on the pink side, but on my skin tone looks like a true nude. I love the nourishing texture of the Cremesheen line, making it a very wearable lipstick. Depending on the lip liner I choose to use with this shade, the color somewhat morphs. This is a lipstick I gravitate towards, and goes with almost any outfit I am wearing.
  3. KINDA SEXY – This is my holy grail lipstick. I have one in any bag I am carrying, and in my vanity at all times. This shade is a matte finish, with a bit of peach. I feel a peachy nude is extremely flattering, not too pink, not too brown, just the right blend. I love to layer this color with Cremesheen Modesty or wear it alone. What I love about this shade is that it tends to go with any makeup I am wearing. Whether I am sporting cool or warm toned shadows, this color completes the look without clashing. Let’s just say if you don’t have this color in your collection, you should definitely give it a try!
  4. VELVET TEDDY – Taking a dive into the deeper neutrals, Velvet Teddy is the perfect rich beige. It has a hint of mauve, with a bit more brown than the others mentioned above. I would say this is a cooler toned neutral for you ladies that prefer cool tones.
  5. TAUPE – This is the newest MAC neutral added to my collection. I quickly fell in love with it! As I mentioned, nude lips are my go to, but Taupe gives me the ability to add a bit more color without stepping too far outside of my comfort zone. This shade is a medium taupe with a red undertone. This is definitely the darkest nude in my collection.
  6. HONEYLOVE – Readers choice! Quickly after this blog post launched, I received comments, messages, and tweets about this lip color from Mac.  I love sharing favorites with my readers, so I am happy to share your choice with others as well! I cannot wait to try this shade.  Thank you!

Pro makeup tip: all of these shades can and will be affected by the lip liner you choose to use. Comment below if you would like me to recommend some liners for these! Also, keep in mind that any lipstick will look different depending on your skin tone at the time. Whether you’ve caught a tan, or are fair skinned, expect a change in tone. When applying lipsticks, make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized, but be sure not to over moisturize, as that could affect the texture and tone of the lipstick. I hope you enjoy these lipsticks as much as I do!