Living in Lace

It was love at first sight. The minute I saw the delicate lace detail, I was drooling, I was a goner.  Despite the hefty price tag, I rationalized the spend by convincing myself it was such a staple, a classic, “it will never go out of style.”  Ladies, come on, you know you have had these moments! Blouses are certainly a weakness of mine and this one is just special.

A statement blouse is something that is so versatile.  Wear with any bottom of your preference, jeans, skirt, slacks, shorts, etc.  No matter what you choose, the blouse acts as the star of the show.  Dress it up or dress it down, it remains the perfect piece for any occasion.  Not to mention, you ALWAYS have something to wear if you have a few of these pieces in your closet.  Save the night – buy a pretty blouse!