Skin Is In

SKIN is most definitely in! Finally sharing my thoughts on my favorite topic!  As one of the most asked question on my social platform, my skincare was a topic I couldn’t wait to discuss.  I only waited this long to ensure the products and services I have been using recently would make the favorites list.  I want to start by saying; I am not a dermatologist.  My goal is to share the products I use with the hope some may work as well for you as they have for me.  Let’s dive in!

Let’s be honest, skin can be so frustrating: from not knowing the right products to use to combatting irritating breakouts. I have struggled for years with hormonal breakouts. My skin is usually fairly clear, but it does breakout from stress, dehydration, and hormones.  My skin is, more recently, combination.  I have an oily t-zone, but do have some dry spots as well (peep the oil absorbing sheets below – lifesaver!). I don’t suffer from huge pores or blackheads, but my skin gets congested around my chin when it decides to act up.  Growing up I was more prone to cystic breakouts – which totally ruin your day! I want to preface my favorites list with a disclaimer that I do use two products prescribed to me by a dermatologist. One is a Sodium Sulfacetamide-Sulfer face wash, which is meant to combat acne and does so through an antibacterial agent. The other product I use is a retinol-based cream that helps the skin regenerate and get rid of breakouts much quicker.  It also helps with wrinkles, which is another plus for me.  Prevention starts now!  In addition to those two products, through many trial and error experiences, below are the products I use for my skin (in order of use):

  1. Face Wash:
  • Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser – The most basic, but necessary item in my skin care collection. As I mentioned I use a face wash prescribed to me by my dermatologist, but as my everyday makeup remover and cleanser, I love this Neutrogena face wash.  It is gentle and completely cleans my skin.  I have to have this in my shower at all times. Highly recommend for anyone who has very sensitive skin. In addition to face wash, another favorite product, one that may not seem obvious, is a round cotton pad.  When washing my face, I always struggled getting all the makeup off just using my hands and really disliked using a washcloth to help.  When expressing this to the esthetician that I go to for my laser treatments, she let me in on the secret to cotton pads.  Now that I have started to cleanse my face using the cotton rounds, I feel like I truly get clean skin every morning and night.

2.  Exfoliation:

  • Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel – My holy grail skin product. I started using this product about two years prior to my wedding and it truly made all the difference in my skins complexion.  I use this product 2 to 3 times a week and truly don’t know what I would do without it.  I bounce between the gentle formula and the original.  I can’t say I prefer one over the other, but sometimes I feel my skin reacts better to the gentle formula. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for gentle, daily exfoliation as well as an agent to combat breakouts. I just LOVE it.  Also, I only use this at night!
  1. “Toner:”
  • Witch Hazel – I say “toner” in this category because I don’t use true toner from any specific brand. I find that witch hazel is the best natural toner for my skin.  It acts as an anti-irritant when my skin is really acting up. I tend to use it as a spot treatment when I really need it and it works wonders on any affected areas.
  • Caudalie Essence – This is a product I have to thank my sister for – thank you my girl (@edona_gjeloshi). I will admit I had no faith in this product when she told me to purchase.  I am not sure why I am always hesitant with any special “water” based products.  I am really afraid of them breaking me out immediately.  I wasn’t really sure what the purpose of an “essence” was in terms of skin care, but to summarize the product description its meant to brighten the skin through glycolic acid and organic grape water (the key ingredient in Caudalie products).  I have to say my skin looks plump and hydrated after I use this and its 100% my current favorite.  I even feel my breakouts heal more quickly using this product. I can definitely say I am now a believer!
  1. Creams:
  • Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base – This is a product I have been using for YEARS. Bobbi Brown doesn’t strike me as a skin care brand by any means, but I honestly couldn’t live without this cream. I use this day and night and its been a dream for my skin and makeup application. Not to mention, it smells divine! It never leaves my skin greasy, which is why I would highly recommend this as a daytime cream.  It gives a great base for any makeup, I guess hence the name – face base.
  • Tatcha Water Cream – As my first introduction to Tatcha, the water cream made me want to try more. The texture is bizarre and totally feels like you’re putting water on your face, BUT somehow provides the deepest hydration without the heavy feel.  I love this cream at night and my skin is glowing and hydrated by morning.  Must try!
  • OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Cream – Eye cream is a very personal skin care product in my opinion. Most women have different needs when deciding on an eye cream.  I like to use an eye cream in the evening to prevent wrinkles and also keep the under eye bright.  This is the perfect brightening eye cream for me and a little goes a long way.
  • Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream – This is an eye cream that I have loved for a very long time. It really holds to its name as a wrinkle prevention cream.  I notice a difference under my eyes after using this cream over night. It’s a staple cream in my collection and highly recommend for mature skin, as well as those looking to prevent aging.


 Aside from incredible products, I am also in the process of completing 6 sessions of Laser Genesis.  Laser Genesis is a gentle procedure, with little to no downtime. The main focus of the laser is to minimize pores and fine lines, reduce oil production, and overall improve skin complexion. The procedure is not painful and only requires one laser. I noticed improvement in my pores after the second session and really love the results. I even noticed some improvement under my eyes, which is a pain point for a lot of women. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try something new for his or her skin.

Your skin is a very important organ, one that I try very hard to take care of.  Some of the best ways to take care of your skin are simple: drink a lot of water (I am not the greatest at this, I am trying!), wear sunscreen, and let your skin breathe.  Makeup is so much fun, I absolutely love it, but taking it off every night is a must. I never go to sleep without cleansing my skin and many days out of the week I go without makeup to ensure my skin gets to breathe without layers on top of it.

Everyone has struggles with skin, not all the same, but in one form or another we’re all in this together. The best thing you can do for your skin is exactly what it asks for.  Don’t pick – skin is really good at healing itself – let it!  Use products that your skin agrees with.  I recommend trying one new product at a time to ensure you can weed out what does and doesn’t work for you.  As frustrating as skin can be, its also very rewarding to getting the formula just right. It may take time, but its worth it!  I hope some of these products are your current favorites or can become part of your list!  I would love to hear of some other products I should add into my routine. Please share your secrets below!